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Voyage into history


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It’s 1990, and Jake Stevenson has finally finished the time machine he has worked on for years. His goal is to meet the greatest inventors of the world, and he programmed his machine to stop at important dates and places in the mankind’s history. But his fiancée Diane Reddams enters the temporal machine by accident.


Despite her skepticism, Diane crosses through various eras in hopes of returning home. But each appearance of the machine upsets the course of time and puts Jake's ancestors in danger of death. If they die, Jake will not be born and his machine will never see the light of day.


While the temporal machine is bit by bit erasing itself from reality, the young woman struggles to save their lives and thus be able to return to her own era. From time to time, she receives strange messages, whose author remains a mystery, and at times she’s aided by a gentleman whose every ancestor creates new feelings to arise in her.


The irony of fate forces the young woman, unwilling as she may be, to intervene in each of the great discoveries that have marked history, discoveries that inspired Jake to build that time machine!

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