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Roman aventure fantasy créatures zodiaque

A planetary alignment predicted for the winter solstice announces the end of the world... The twelve Zodiac Masters who govern our planet are weak, no longer able to protect the Earth.


Noah and Maya, both twelve years old, are projected into a parallel world to awaken the Masters, so they can prevent the destruction of the world before dawn of the day of the solstice on Earth ...


Helped in their quest by Chichi and Chibie, two capricious cats who can speak, our young heroes must cross this extraordinary world where every kingdom is a fantastic copy of famous places that exist on Earth, such as the Great Wall of China, the sphinx of Egypt, the Nazca desert, or Mount Rushmore, where the four great stone oracles advise them in their quest.


Aided at times by centaurs or other legendary creatures, at other times having to confront minotaurs, orcs or trolls who had joined the renegades wanting to destroy them, the children do their best to save the world before all the sand in their hourglass has run down...



(in both languages)

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