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 Kinoko Legend 

Roman illustré fantasy jeunesse aventure

Serenity rhymes with harmony on the far-distant and unknown world created by Kinoko, a god a bit out of the ordinary, being a sacred mushroom... Until the day when an eclipse of the moon generates chaos!


From that moment, panic reigns: fantastic creatures and olds legends are restored… Even worse, the six divine diamonds vital to the survival of humanity find themselves dispersed around the world...


Ciruela, an adolescent pure in heart, leaves in quest to bring them back to their proper place. But she only has two months to do it, and not a day more. After that time, evil will forever have the upper hand over the world…


Ciruela attempts to bring her quest to fruition accompanied by Fegor, a horse metamorphosed into a dragon, and Kilou, a little koala who, with all the chaos, gained the power of speech.


Adventures, enigmas, encounters and emotions await them…



(in both languages)

Some sketches (illustrated version in progress) :

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