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Here is a true story about the mysterious past of Kimino, the small elf with big ears we met previously in "Kinoko Legend." Remember when he hinted about his maleficent past…?


In this book, we learn how, in a former life, he became what he is today, and get acquainted with the doubtful side of his personality, an entity called Kardarx, a baleful creature who takes pleasure in sowing evil all around him. That is, until the day he is confronted by divine creatures who make him know remorse. Since their meeting, Kardarx becomes “Kimino” as soon as the sun rises, and during the daytime he tries to repair all his ravages of the previous night.


Unable to stand this situation any longer, the little elf attempts to destroy his devilish alter ego and become a good elf definitively. But he doesn’t have much time, because Kardarx is also trying to assure his own reign... he needs to find his line of descent, which he lost track of at the birth of a certain teenage girl, and he must destroy her before her twentieth birthday. And she could be hiding anywhere; she may even be one of the new Kimino’s friends…



(in both languages)

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