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Kinoko Legend - Nanny Silvestre


*Semi-Finalist international Writemovies Contest Fall 2004*


Adventure-fantasy, 8-12 years old.

Serenity rhymes with harmony on the far-distant and unknown world created by Kinoko, a god a bit out of the ordinary, being a sacred mushroom... Until the day when an eclipse of the moon generates chaos!


From that moment, panic reigns: fantastic creatures and olds legends are restored… Even worse, the six divine diamonds vital to the survival of humanity find themselves dispersed around the world...


Ciruela, an adolescent pure in heart, leaves in quest to bring them back to their proper place. But she only has two months to do it, and not a day more. After that time, evil will forever have the upper hand over the world…


Ciruela attempts to bring her quest to fruition accompanied by Fegor, a horse metamorphosed into a dragon, and Kilou, a little koala who, with all the chaos, gained the power of speech.


Adventures, enigmas, encounters and emotions await them…



Kinoko Legend II - Nanny Silvestre

2005 -KINOKO LEGEND II : The Roses of Youth


Adventure-fantasy, 8-12 years old.

Fifteen years have passed since the tragic events that weakened Kinoko. Once more, peace is disrupted. A nefarious sorcerer has thrown a spell on the town where Ciruela’s friend Kimino lives. As a consequence, all the town’s elves start to age abnormally fast. The only means to help them and to break the curse is to set out to find the Roses of Youth.


It is Ciruela and Kimino’s children who take on this task. Barely ten years old, Cyrilus and Niella depart, and encounter legendary peoples, each more eccentric than the last, in order to question them about the location of the sacred flowers…

Dark night soul - Nanny Silvestre


*Finalist International Writemovies Contest Fall 2004*


Dark fantasy,  10-14 years old.


Here is a true story about the mysterious past of Kimino, the small elf with big ears we met previously in "Kinoko Legend." Remember when he hinted about his maleficent past…?


In this book, we learn how, in a former life, he became what he is today, and get acquainted with the doubtful side of his personality, an entity called Kardarx, a baleful creature who takes pleasure in sowing evil all around him. That is, until the day he is confronted by divine creatures who make him know remorse. Since their meeting, Kardarx becomes “Kimino” as soon as the sun rises, and during the daytime he tries to repair all his ravages of the previous night.


Unable to stand this situation any longer, the little elf attempts to destroy his devilish alter ego and become a good elf definitively. But he doesn’t have much time, because Kardarx is also trying to assure his own reign -- he needs to find his line of descent, which he lost track of at the birth of a certain teenage girl, and he must destroy her before her twentieth birthday. And she could be hiding anywhere; she may even be one of the new Kimino’s friends…



Trouble in Egypt - from Nanny Silvestre

2004 - TROUBLE IN EGYPT - Bastet's Anger


Adventure-fantasy, 8-12 years old.

Altares, the pharaoh Ramses II’s beloved cat, was murdered. Because of this act, the highly-protective goddess of cats, Bastet, gets angry and releases ten terrible cataclysms on the country!


Nety, a 10-year-old girl, makes every effort to find the author of this crime. Guided by the counsel of her grandfather, who was wrongly accused of the crime, she goes to find the gods to request their help, for nothing but sacred artefacts can help her to identify the murderer.


From Abou Simbel temple to the city of Saqqarah, Nety explores the most famous sites of Egypt searching for clues. Not alone, as she’s accompanied by the ghost of the cat Altares, whose soul will never find rest until the assassin’s identity has been revealed…


Les douze signes du zodiaque - Nanny Silvestre


*Semi-finalist International Writemovies Contest  #20*


Adventure-fantasy, 8-12 years old.

A planetary alignment predicted for the winter solstice announces the end of the world... The twelve Zodiac Masters who govern our planet are weak, no longer able to protect the Earth. Noah and Maya, both twelve years old, are projected into a parallel world to awaken the Masters, so they can prevent the destruction of the world before dawn of the day of the solstice on Earth ...


Helped in their quest by Chichi and Chibie, two capricious cats who can speak, our young heroes must cross this extraordinary world where every kingdom is a fantastic copy of famous places that exist on Earth, such as the Great Wall of China, the sphinx of Egypt, the Nazca desert, or Mount Rushmore, where the four great stone oracles advise them in their quest.


Aided at times by centaurs or other legendary creatures, at other times having to confront minotaurs, orcs or trolls who had joined the renegades wanting to destroy them, the children do their best to save the world before all the sand in their hourglass has run down...

Voyage into History - Nanny Silvestre

2012 - VOYAGE INTO HISTORY, or History of a Voyage

Sci-Fi, from 16 years old.


It’s 1990, and Jake Stevenson has finally finished the time machine he has worked on for years. His goal is to meet the greatest inventors of the world, and he programmed his machine to stop at important dates and places in the mankind’s history. But his fiancée Diane Reddams enters the temporal machine by accident.


Despite her skepticism, Diane crosses through various eras in hopes of returning home. But each appearance of the machine upsets the course of time and puts Jake's ancestors in danger of death. If they die, Jake will not be born and his machine will never see the light of day.


While the temporal machine is bit by bit erasing itself from reality, the young woman struggles to save their lives and thus be able to return to her own era. From time to time, she receives strange messages, whose author remains a mystery, and at times she’s aided by a gentleman whose every ancestor creates new feelings to arise in her.


The irony of fate forces the young woman, unwilling as she may be, to intervene in each of the great discoveries that have marked history, discoveries that inspired Jake to build that time machine!

Ship's journal of a little grey alien - Nanny Silvestre



Sci-Fi, from 16 years old.

You surely must wonder how the dinosaurs disappeared… Or what the mystery is that shrouds the Bermuda Triangle, or the origin of those strange lines drawn on the desert of Nazca, or the key to the construction of the Egypt pyramids? Well, maybe Extra-terrestrials are responsible for all these enigmas...


From the birth of the world to humanity’s exploration of space, and the famous crash of Roswell, read the logbook of an alien editor who relates in his diary all the missions and interventions performed by his friends in their pacifist goal to help the Terrestrials evolve.

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