About the author :

I was born in the South of France in Provence on May 5, 1979. An only child, shy and reserved, I had a quiet childhood. Having very few friends, I became accustomed to being alone and ended up appreciating it.

Even as a child, I liked to write stories, but it was only when I entered boarding school (for my studies at the age of 17) that I got the idea for ​​my first novel: Kinoko Legend.

How did this name pop up in my mind? No, it's not because I ate "magic mushrooms!" LOL It's simply because I was interested in Japan at that time and "kinoko" is the first word I learned in Japanese, and it means "mushroom." From this one word, I invented a whole story about a mushroom god, and a whole imaginary world!

I spent all my evenings at the boarding school drawing and sketching my ideas about Kinoko, in order to make a comic strip version. (I still have the original sketches.) Ignoring the mockery and bullying of my schoolmates, I locked myself in my room and chose to find refuge in my imagination.

When I finished school, I turned these sketches into text and “Kinoko Legend" was born -- a story of 480 pages! My first readers were my parents and my cousin (who’s also my best friend). They loved the story and encouraged me to remain on that path.

So, I continued my author’s career by writing other novels during my twenties, during the weekend and after work in the evening, instead of going out with other young people. I was already very serious at that age! :)

Unable to find publishers at that time, I printed and sold a few novels on my own, and I received very good comments from people from my area. But as I mentioned earlier, I was very reserved and afraid of people, partly because of the bullying I had experienced when I was younger and because later, I also been a victim of harassment on the Internet. In short, today, I think that all these bad experiences prevented me from making myself known as a writer, unfortunately...

When I was 25 years old, I emigrated from France to French Canada, partly because I had found a publisher, but also for the kindness of the people and the beauty of the place. I found a peaceful life that allowed me to continue my career as author, and I am now a Canadian citizen.

Then I decided to leave my publisher (who used to sell my novels only on the Internet) to publish my books myself, in order to collect a better percentage of sales and keep all copyrights. And I now manage everything by myself, from writing to publishing, from layout to illustrations.

I also work as a legal transcriptionist as a side job, because we have to pay our bills, after all! LOL -- All this keeps me very busy and my days are full!

I hope this short description of me and my life will help you better discern who is behind the author Nanny Silvestre.

Thanks for reading!

See ya, 
Nanny Silvestre



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